Black Diamonds

Black diamonds and white diamonds are both diamonds, but they differ in color, rarity, and price.

White diamonds, also known as colorless diamonds, are the most commonly found diamonds and are prized for their clarity and brightness. They are formed when carbon is subjected to high pressure and heat deep within the Earth's mantle, and they are often found in shades of white, yellow, and brown. White diamonds are usually more expensive than other diamonds because of their rarity and beauty.

Black Diamonds from MFJ
Black diamonds, on the other hand, are much less common and are prized for their unique, dark color. Unlike white diamonds, black diamonds are formed near the Earth's surface, where they are exposed to various minerals that cause the carbon atoms to form in a way that gives them their dark color. 

Black diamonds are often used in jewelry to create a dramatic contrast with other gems and precious metals. They are also often used as accent stones to add depth and texture to a piece of jewelry, or as the main focus of a design. For example, black diamond engagement rings have become a popular trend, as they offer a modern, unconventional take on the traditional diamond engagement ring.