Discover the Stories Behind Our Designs

Our collection is a curated journey through exquisite craftsmanship and personal expression. At the heart of our store lies a passion for unique, handcrafted jewelry that evokes emotion and tells a story.

Here, you'll meet myself—the founder and designer behind Moregola Fine Jewelry—and the talented international artisans whose captivating creations we are proud to showcase. From the vibrant streets of Brazil to the sun-drenched shores of Greece and the timeless elegance of Italy, each designer brings their own cultural influences and artistic vision to our collection.

Explore their individual stories, inspirations, and the meticulous care that goes into each piece. We invite you to delve into the world of our designers, where beauty, meaning, and craftsmanship intertwine.


I'm Andressa, a jewelry enthusiast from Brazil with Italian roots. I've always loved working with my hands and have a natural talent for spotting beautiful and unique pieces. I'm especially drawn to the vibrant colors and bold patterns of traditional Brazilian jewelry.

I know I've found my true calling in working with jewelry, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with others. I look forward to creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces for years to come.

Daphne Tsitsiliani [Alkemeya]

The origins of Alkemeya lie at the crossroads between the mysticism of past civilisations and the beauty of the natural world.
As our lives unfold, moment by moment, and the flow of things sweeps and moves around us and within us, Alkemeya attempts to encapsulate the beauty and stillness of  moment captured in eternity. The ancient Greek adagio “Everything Flows” is expressed in each Alkemeya design embracing the continuous flux of nature and growth into an elated state of purity and harmony. 

Each Alkemēya collection has story and each piece has a symbolic meaning giving special properties to its owner”.

— Daphne Tsitsiliani —


Leonori is a jewelry brand that has a long history of family tradition and passion for craftsmanship. Founded by Agostino in 1962 in Forlì, Italy, the company has always been known for its exceptional work with diamonds and precious colored stones. Agostino's son, Cesare, continued to expand the business by sourcing gemstones from around the world, including diamonds from Tel Aviv, emeralds from Colombia, rubies from Myanmar, and sapphires from Sri Lanka.

Today, the brand has two locations (both in Italy), one in Forlì and another in Ascoli Piceno, and is known for its commitment to innovation in materials, shapes, and colors, as well as its attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship. In 2020, Eleonora, Cesare's daughter, became the art director and introduced the new Anime collection, which showcases the signature style of Leonori.

Maurizio de Marchi

Maurizio De Marchi has been dedicated to the craft of jewelry-making for more than 18 years. He received his training at the Venice Institute of Art and further honed his skills under the guidance of experienced artisan jewelers. In addition, he holds a diploma in gemmology from the Gemological Institute of America and has multiple certificates in gemmology, allowing him to offer a high level of expertise in his field. His atelier is located in the charming city of Noale, near Venice.

As a designer and artist, Maurizio places a strong emphasis on both the manufacturing and selection of gems for his high-end jewelry pieces. He approaches each piece with attention to detail, combining reason, passion, inspiration, and study to create something truly unique and special.

Maurizio sees himself as a "jewelry tailor," dedicated to fulfilling custom requests and creating something truly one-of-a-kind for his customers. He is also skilled in the restoration of antique jewelry, preserving their unique qualities while bringing them back to life.

Rue Des Mille

In April 2013, we – three brothers with a shared passion – made our family dream a reality. With the support of our mother, uncle, and their decades of experience, we founded Rue des Mille. Our name reflects our roots on "via dei Mille," the street where it all began, and pays homage to our father Roberto with the stylized "R."

Our vibrant, 100% Italian prêt-à-porter jewelry line tells a story of craftsmanship and family values. Today, our entire family is part of this precious adventure. We have countless stories to share, and while we dream of growth, we'll always stay true to the heart of our brand.