CARAMEL Necklace
CARAMEL Necklace

CARAMEL Necklace


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Product Details

Handmade in Italy.

Metal White Gold 18k
Diamonds 1

Quantity: 1

Carats: 1.03

Cut/Form: Brilliant/Drop

Color/Clarity: D / VVS2

Size: 8.32x6.01mm

With GIA certificate.

Diamonds 2

Quantity: 1

Carats: 0.24

Cut/Form: Brilliant/Cushion

Color/Clarity: Yellow / VS

Size: 3.50x3.50mm

Diamonds 3

Quantity: 8

Carats: 0.12

Cut/Form: Brilliant/Round

Color/Clarity: Yellow / VS

Sizes: 1.50mm

Diamonds 4

Quantity: 30

Carats: 0.27

Cut/Form: Brilliant/Round

Color/Clarity: F / VS

Sizes: 0.90 - 2.40mm


Weigth 5.50 gramm


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Fantastic customer service! I used the chat to get recommendations for the perfect anniversary gift for my wife.

Lukas Fritsch
Vienna, Austria

It's hard to find high-end Brazilian-style jewelry in Europe, but on Moregola FJ I found exactly what I was looking for.

Anna-Maria Huber
Amstetten, Austria

My bracelet and ring got delivered within a few days and everything just worked exactly as expected!

Isabella Torres
Munich, Germany

I was in Vienna for holidays and my husband surprised me with this beautiful tennis bracelet from Moregola.

Lori Kent
Los Angeles, CA

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