Diamond Education

Are you interested in purchasing an engagement ring or a loose diamond as an investment? Make sure you read this diamond education guide first! Below will tell you all the details you need to know before buying a diamond. From the 4C's to the 7C's.

Let's start with the 4C's: Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity.


While beautiful treasures often arrive in small packages, the contents ideally should be substantial—in other words, size does matter. However, it's crucial to note that carat weight doesn't directly equate to a diamond's apparent size. Factors like shape and cut also influence how large a diamond looks, so understanding carat weight involves more than just its commonly, and sometimes incorrectly, assigned value.


The cut of a diamond goes beyond just the shape into which it has been polished; it is the key factor that determines the diamond's brilliance and how it disperses light. Diamond cutting is a precise art, and understanding this process is crucial for making an informed choice.


Color grades measure how colorless a diamond is, with grade D being the whitest and most sought after. However, even experts can struggle to distinguish between some color grades. So, unless the specific grade on the certificate is important to you, choosing a slightly lower grade can often be a smart choice.


Nearly every diamond contains minor imperfections known as "inclusions," though they often cannot be seen without magnification.The size and placement of these inclusions significantly influence a diamond's price, so understanding clarity grades is key to choosing the right diamond.

But wait... there is more to know about diamonds than the 4C's!

Contour (Shape)

Whether you prefer elegant or eccentric, sparkly or subdued, diamonds are available in a vast array of shapes. From the widely favored round brilliant to the distinctive Marquise cut, there's a diamond to match every taste and style.

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Cost (Price)

Several factors influence the cost of a diamond, and finding the right balance among these can help you secure the perfect diamond within your budget.

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Diamond certificates are provided to verify a stone's technical details, value, and identity. However, it's important to recognize that grading bodies use different standards, so understanding these differences is crucial.

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